Friday, June 16, 2017

Rethinking Student Feedback

 Imagine the impact on learning if classroom teachers gave feedback the way athletic coaches provided their feedback. Think about music teachers or art teachers and how they observe and coach a student during practice.

Too often classroom teachers provide disconnected feedback after the student has completed the practice, rather than during. When a teacher observes a students's practice and provides feedback in real time, the student is able to make adjustments before practicing incorrectly. The impact on learning can be significant. Perhaps with the rise of a flipped classroom model, more teachers will use class time for observing and providing feeback on student practice.


  1. Feedback in the moment is very important. I love the analogy of coaching, that's exactly what we should be doing as teachers.

  2. It makes so much sense to provide feedback to students in real time. This also cuts down on the time teachers spend on grading outside of the classroom.

  3. Cutting down on grading outside the classroom is a big upside! Thanks for the comment. Kendra Strange

  4. Does it means I need to correct mistake as they appear in the process?
    Is it necessary to do it personally to individual learners or do we need to correct it and heard by the entire class so that they didn't do the same mistake?